My web page

I'm currently working on a new web page.
I've been up to lots of things lately sooo to sum things up: I
t's going to be a Web design portfolio as well as Illustration. BUT I made a Wordpress-based page in the begining and now I want to change to a self-made page. I'm working on it, the whole thing, quite complex, yeah.
At least I had my logo sorted, that's a huge step.

Web page:

I'm more active on other social media networks like Instagram: @ithil_meow


Nunca me había puesto a ello y siempre he tenido ilusión; así que me he pusto a ello este año. Es difícil aunque no lo parezca, hay días que no apetece y no quieres subir cualquier cosa, pero he llegado a escanear horrores. Stay tuned.

New life, new projects.

Creativity is one of our most powerful characteristics we possess.

I'm always looking for new ways to enhance my creativity.
I tried practising traditional art skills, then, as everything is based on digital, I decided to give it a try. I always wanted to do this, as I'm quite good with computers, maybe I haven't done it before because I was scared of loosing my 'arty' soul in the process.

It was beautiful to discover that web designing is another way to merge science and art; numbers and math operations with colors and patterns.

I recently learned the whole process of creating web pages and mobile apps. I really got into the UX (User Experience) process (Just remembered one annoying thing about this is the extense bunch of initials they talk with, I know most of them are long words, but some people tend to use them too much without knowing their meaning, on Job adverts mostly actually...).

And now that I know these things, I see how poorly designed this blog is. I'm currently working on my final project for this course, a mobile app for a friend and my web page. Next thing will be this blog. I should keep it, despite how old it is.


Ya sé que por algo se empieza, ya sé que es "algo" tarde, pero ¡maldición!, hay que soltarse, perder la vergüenza. 

In early use, the word "naïve" meant natural or innocent, and did not connote ineptitude. As a French word, it is spelled naïve or naïf.


"I," said the huge beast, "am Grograman, Lord of the Desert of Colors. I am also known as the Many-colored Death."
Bastian felt the deadly power that flowed from the lion's eyes. But he did not avert his own.
When they had measured their strength for some time, the lion looked down. With slow, majestic movements he descended from the dune. When he stepped onto the ultramarine sand, he too changed color, his coat and mane became blue. For a moment the huge beast stood facing Bastian, who had to look up at him as a mouse might look up at a cat. Then suddenly Grograman lay down and touched his head to the ground.
Master," he said. "I am your servant, I await your commands."
"I'd like to get out of this desert," said Bastian. "Can you manage that?" Grograman shook his mane.
"No, master, that I cannot do."
"Why not?"
"Because I carry the desert with me."